Sustane Natural Fertiliser

Sustane, the only natural fertilisers available worldwide, Suståne products are built on research like no other organic. Since 1980 over 500 independent studies on Suståne place it at the top of most researched organic fertilisers in the world, for proven benefits on turf establishment, disease suppression, colour, quality and environmental impact trials compared to other fertiliser materials. Why Suståne performs with consistency: Suståne adds and maintains high microbial diversity index in your soils by beginning with 26-week aerobically stabilized compost. Rich in microbial species diversity, yet low in biological oxygen demand (BOD), Suståne true aerobic compost based fertilisers enhance the “species richness diversity” (SRD) in all growing systems. The microbiology of healthy soils that is critical to all soil and plant functions in a balanced and thriving ecosystem. Suståne compost demonstrates a high biological diversity index of 4.5 such as a rich, active soil system. Suståne assures low environmental impact by providing slow, efficient release of nitrogen to plant life without volatilization, leaching as nitrates or immobilization in the soil environment. Suståne is serious about keeping our environment green. The basic resource is a renewable resource of high quality plant nutrients complexed with organic humus.