Growth Products Pro

Growth Products Pro range is a high-quality, blended fertilizer, utilising controlled release technology. A fast start portion derived from ammoniacal nitrogen provides an immediate response, encouraging shoot growth and the in-fill of worn areas, whilst the resin coated material releases over a 3 month period for extended feeding. Growth Products Pro with Advance Grass Solutions offer routine and comprehensive analysis to help guide your sports turf management programmes and help to prevent potential problems. Using diagnostic testing to pin point chemical, biological or physical problems enables us to provide a range of potential solutions. We deliver fast and accurate test results for all types of sports turf, independently analysed, with results accurately assessed in a clear and concise report. When soil samples are received at the laboratory, they are dried, finely ground and the nutrients extracted for testing on state-of-the-art instrumentation alongside Quality Control reference materials. Turf grass tissue samples are normally collected from clippings, which are dried, ground, combusted and then acid-extracted nutrients are analysed at the laboratory. Irrigation water samples are filtered to remove particulates before the nutrients within the water samples are determined. Boreholes, reservoir We provide particle size analysis for sands and aggregates. This is especially relevant as it can be used to approve or suggest modifications to your materials. Tests for existing soil structure helps us recommend quality sands, soils and materials particularly useful when planning construction projects. Organic matter content provides our clients with percentage concentration within the soil profile. This analysis determines whether there is a need to reduce organic matter to enhance the playing qualities of your sports turf.