Polyon fertilizer features a patented polyurethane membrane that encapsulates nutrients Polyon Think Green™ What Can GREEN Do For You? It’s an easy choice when you consider the many advantages and benefits of POLYON® fertilisers:
  • Efficient fertiliser lowers potential for nitrogen leaching or volatilization
  • Fewer applications and no surge growth, saving you labour and money
  • Consistent, predictable, dependable feeding
  • Safe, dust-free handling thanks to complete, durable coating
  • Greener, healthier turfgrass for the ultimate playing surface or lawn
At Nutri-Lawn, all of our fertilizer programs are specially designed to produce optimal season-long performance, using our premium custom-blended fertilizers. Polyon® fertilizer is trademarked by its green colour and delivers plant essential nutrients using the most advanced controlled-release technology in the lawn care industry. Polyon fertilizer features a patented polyurethane membrane that encapsulates nutrients in each granule, releasing them slowly, consistently, and predictably for months at a time. Call or email Advance Grass Solutions