Advance Grass Solutions, a multi award winning company and a leading provider of agronomy services, technology and globally recognised products is excited to announce the partnership with Apple Amenity to support expansion into the North West of England.

Sam Honeyborne, Managing Director of AGS said “There is a growing appetite and customer base for the Growth Products range in this region that need regular servicing and development. We have known Dave Orchard for several years and feel the GP brand will be well supported”.

Growth Products has been a pioneer in environmentally friendly bio-innovations, technically advanced liquid fertilizers, micronutrients and effective biological control products designed for sports turf, horticulture and agriculture for over 30 years.

The Growth Products focus is the development, manufacturing and marketing of highly effective products that have both soft-chemistries and bio-enhancements for better plant health and soil remediation. The comprehensive range is recommended and sold in over 40 countries around the world.

Dave Orchard, Managing Director of Apple Amenity said “The Growth Products brand is well established and developing at pace in the UK. We’re very pleased to add it to our range as it complements our current strategy and we look forward to growing the brand further in the coming months and years”.

The very latest in biological, organic and SMART™ nitrogen technology will be available through Apple Amenity, supporting the modern sports turf manager in environmentally and sustainable inputs, for long term success without the need for excessive pesticide or synthetic fertiliser use. Essential™ and Companion™ feature heavily in annual nutrition programmes and are now widely recognised as key inputs to high quality turf performance. This growth has been backed by years of independent trial work.

With loyal customers from lawn care, contractors and small bowling clubs right through to Ryder Cup venues and Premier League football clubs, Growth Products offer a comprehensive range of products to improve turf surfaces at all levels.

For more information or to arrange a site visit from Apple Amenity, please contact:

Dave Orchard

Tel: 07763 476039

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