Advance Grass Solutions Ltd is proud to announce a UK exclusive distributor agreement with Selectline line marking paint. Selectline has more than 30 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing line marking paint for the European market. The company has its own research and development facility in The Netherlands, France and Canada which guarantees consistent top of the line quality.

Sjoerd Broos, International Account Manager said “AGS is the perfect partner for us in the UK. Both our companies are ambitious with a very clear vision and strategy. AGS is well known for its high quality products and a customer service experience that is second to none.” Sjoerd continued “We were looking for the ideal UK partner and the positive relationship felt right from day one”

The Selectline range consists of high quality concentrates and ready to mix paints to suit all budgets. These are accompanied by easy to use spraying machines that are built to last.

Sam Honeyborne, MD at AGS added “We have a very clear business model of only selecting high quality brands to add to our portfolio. Selectline is a premium product which we have been trialing with customers for several months. The feedback has been 100% positive particularly with regard to longevity.” Sam continued “We have no doubt Selectline will become the go to paint for the discerning end user and we are extremely pleased to have secured this agreement and added a premium product to our portfolio.”


For more information on SELECTLINE or AGS please call 01183-914540 or email