Growth Products Tank Mixing

The basic principle of tank mixing any products is to ensure they are chemically compatible and are to be targeted at the same part of the plant.  There is little point in mixing a wetting agent which you wish to apply at a high water volume with coarse nozzles in order to wash the product into the soil in combination with a foliar feed which you need to apply at a low water rate with fine nozzles so it sticks to the leaf.  Try to keep soil-targeted products in a separate mix from foliar-targeted mixes.  For example, mixing Companion with Essential in your soil mix and Nitro 22 and TKO Phosphite in your foliar mix.

Once you have established that products can be mixed and are suitable for a tank mix it is important to add products in the correct order.  Always add the product with the lowest pH first and then add each product in order of ascending pH until you add the product with the highest pH last, unless specifically advised to mix in a different order by your AGS Technical Representative.

pH values of the Growth Products range are listed below:

pH Reducer1.5
X-Xtra Iron1-2
SAR Activator SA3.5
Maintain NT3.6
Pure Kelp SA5.1
Essential Plus5-6
Sodium Knockout6
Nitro 227.5
TKO Phosphite7.3-7.8
Control De-Thatcher7-8
The Classic 18.3.69
Quick Response 20.3.310
Nitro 30 30.0.010
K Builder 7.2.2111-12
Pot Carb Max 0.0.2512
Green Speed Si12
  • Half fill the spray tank with water first.
  • Next add the lowest pH product.
  • Agitate thoroughly to buffer the solution.
  • Add products in the correct order from low to high pH, always agitating the spray tank to ensure thorough mixing.
  • Do not use the same pump in different drums to avoid contamination.
  • If in any doubt, test a mix using a ‘jar test’ on a small scale before adding to the spray tank.