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GP HydroSmart – Get Hydrophobicity under control!

We’re all very aware of recent drought, it’s been the driest summer that the current generation of turf managers have faced with widespread drought and hose pipe bans. Turf, particularly fairways, has been a struggle for many to keep alive. As soils dry to wilting point we are left with the issue of hydrophobicity and the difficulty of uniform re wetting. This is where high quality surfactants play a key role.

The pictures below represent how an application of Hydro Smart prior to a rainfall/irrigation event will assist soils in uniform re wetting and prevent run off from high, hydrophobic areas such as ridge and furrow fairways. The dual action of Hydro Smart ensure effective penetration of irrigation as well as high performing water spreading and holding ability. With rainfall hopefully on the way, take a moment to review your surfactant programme, high quality surfactants such as Hydro Smart will ensure you make the most any water falling on turf.

Ridge and furrow fairways

A unique combination surfactant to both prevent and cure hydrophobic soil. HydroSmart optimises soil moisture to maximise plant health and turf performance. Contains both penetrant and multi-block co-polymer technology to cure and prevent localised dry patch issues.

  • Gives an improved air:water ratio to maximise oxygen supply to the soil, increasing rooting and leading to enhanced thatch breakdown and reduced plant stress.
  • Wide range of application rates give flexibility to use on golf greens, tees, fairways, football & rugby pitches, and high-quality lawns.
  • Completely safe to use in all weathers with no need to water in to prevent phytotoxicity.
  • Very effective as a ‘re-wetting’ agent. Breaks down slowly in the soil to maintain soil moisture in hydrophobic soils.



Immediately after application

2 hours after application










Immediately after application

2 hours after application



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