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    Product Description

    BioBoost is the latest in soil conditioning technology, encouraging healthy soil, reducing organic matter accumulation and suppressing anaerobic conditions. BioBoost contains Hydrogen peroxide, adding a form of liquid oxygen compounds to the soil profile, stimulating soil microorganisms and aiding turf respiration.

    Modern sports turf rootzones, managed to provide firm and fast surfaces, are often compacted, display poor rooting and become anaerobic in time, through excessive watering. BioBoost, in conjunction with a regular aeration programme, will increase the oxygen content of the profile, providing a less favourable environment for sulphur respiring bacteria and reduce disease potential.

    BioBoost can be tank mixed with other liquids that are targeting the soil profile; wetting agents, insecticides & bio-stimulants. For Black layer and anaerobic conditions, aerate soil to desired depth and apply BioBoost at a rate of 20-30ltrs per ha, every 3-4 weeks until conditions have improved. For general maintenance, apply 10-15ltrs/ha every 4-6 weeks.

    • Adds oxygen to the soil
    • Improves nutrient availability
    • Promotes roots
    • Eliminates black layer
    • Enhances cultural methods
    • Promotes healthy microbial activity
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