GP Micro 10.4.4+MgO+Fe+CaO+Seaweed

Ideal early season product with ammonium nitrogen for quick uptake in cool temperatures.

This product is currently unavailable to buy online. For more information please speak to your local AGS Sales Manager


  • Ideal early season product
  • Ammonium nitrogen for quick uptake in cool temperatures
  • 2% Iron, 4% Magnesium and 8% Calcium
  • Seaweed for soil conditioning
    NPK at 35g/m² (kg/ha)Accupro Setting 35g/m² 
AnalysisPack SizeRateLongevityNPKSingleDoubleSpread Width
10.4.425kg20-45g/m²4-6 weeks3514146, M6, J3.0m
8.0.425kg20-45g/m²4-6 weeks280145, N5, K4.0m
3.0.2225kg20-45g/m²4-6 weeks10.50777, R5, K4.0m
6.5.1025kg20-45g/m²4-6 weeks2117.5357, R5, K4.0m
4.0.825kg20-45g/m²4-6 weeks140287, R5, K4.0m
4.0.4+9Fe25kg20-45g/m²4-6 weeks140147, R5, K4.0m


Usage Period

4.0.4 +9%Fe

About Growth Products Micro

A high quality, conventional fertiliser utilising micro granular technology, offering superior breakdown when compared to mini alternatives.

The Growth Products range is 100% homogeneous, ensuring even uptake and easy application. Alongside N,P,K, magnesium, iron and calcium; seaweed has been incorporated to offer an added benefit at root level. A comprehensive range of analyses are available to suit all fine and coarse turf situations, across the growing season. The micro granules (0.5-1.5mm) breakdown within 2-3 days, minimising surface disruption.