Growth Products DeThatcher 15-0-0

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  • Description

    Product Description

    A solution containing microbes and enzymes that are known to accelerate the breakdown of thatch.
    Also contains a slow-release, high-carbon nitrogen source. This has the correct Carbon:Nitrogen ratio to provide an energy source and protein synthesis for the microorganisms. This ensures survival of the microbes for long term thatch breakdown.

    • Contains a combination of Bacillus microorganisms and enzymes (protease, cellulose and amylase) to break down specific components of thatch.
    • Microbes are specifically targeted to break down lignin and cellulose as in turf thatch these are the hardest-to-break-down components.
    • Once established in the soil, the Bacillus species included in De-Thatcher will produce significant quantities of further enzymes that will digest the protein in thatch and turn organic matter into plant-available nutrients.
    • Contains a natural wetting agent (Yucca) for fast penetration of microbes into the soil plus simple and complex sugars to feed the microbes to enhance colonisation.
    • Also contains 17 different L-Amino acids that help maintain the correct C:N ratio to provide sufficient food for soil microbes to maximise product longevity.
    ProductPack SizeApplication RateWater Volume
    Control De-Thatcher10 litre10 – 30l/ha600l/ha

    Usage Period

    Control De-Thatcher