Growth Products HydroSmart

  • Description

    Product Description

    A unique combination surfactant to both prevent and cure hydrophobic soil. HydroSmart optimises soil moisture to maximise plant health and turf performance. Available in liquid, granular and hose-end pellets.

    • A high quality new generation wetting agent containing both penetrant and multi block co-polymer technology to cure and prevent localised dry patch issues.
    • By maintaining correct moisture balance in the soil, plant health is maximised and results in strong healthy turf resilient to stress and disease.
    • Gives an improved air to water ratio to maximise oxygen supply to the soil, increase rooting and soil microbiological activity leading to enhanced thatch breakdown and reduced plant stress.
    • Extremely safe non-phytotoxic formulation due to its high quality molecular construction which will not damage plant cells.
    • Hydro-Smart is proven in scientific trials to reduce irrigation requirements compared to competitor products
    ProductPack SizeRateLongevity
    Hydro-Smart Liquid10ltr5–20ltr/ha500-900ltr/ha
    Hydro-Smart Granules20kg30g/m2Water in after application
    Hydro-Smart Pellets6x250g4-7 greens per pellet avg.Apply at 6 -8.5 bar

    Usage Period