J Pitch – Ideal for football & rugby training pitches

  • Description

    Product Description

    • Top rated Fabian 4Turf Tetraploid ryegrass is proven to deliver deeper rooting for summer drought tolerance plus exceptional year round colour and disease resistance
    • Very rapid establishment, ready to mow in 3-5 weeks
    • Ideal for training grounds
    • Strong recovery
    STRI Rating
    20% Fabian 4Turf Tetraploid Perennial Ryegrass7.3
    20% Columbine Perennial Ryegrass6.5
    30% Berlioz Perennial Ryegrass6.5
    30% Bizet Perennial Ryegrass6.7
    35% Rossinante Strong Creeping Red Fescue5.9


    Pack SizeSowing RateOver-sowing RateMowing Height
    20kg35-75g/m225-75g/m2Down to 25mm