K Builder 7.2.21

  • Description

    Product Description

    K-Builder is powered by the most soluble and safe form of potassium available, Potassium Carbonate. K-Builder immediately penetrates leaf tissue, quickly dispersing potassium throughout the plant, increasing drought tolerance and carbohydrates required for healthy turf, all year round.

    K Builder also contains Growth Products proprietary Smart N that enhances K absorption due to its adhesive qualities on leaf and soil particles.

    • Increases water and nutrient uptake
    • Improves drought and disease tolerance
    • Boosts plant carbohydrate production
    • 50% slow release nitrogen
    • Lowest salt index of any potassium
    Nutrient Level Applied at 20ltrs/ha
    AnalysisPack SizeRateLongevityNPK
    7.2.2110ltr20-30ltr/ha4-6 weeks20.66

    Usage Period