Nitro 30 Slow Release 30.0.0

  • Description

    Product Description

    The highest quality, slow-release nitrogen fertiliser available in the UK. It provides excellent colour and plant health without an unwanted growth flush. ULTRA low
    salt index (5) – very safe to the plant – using Growth Products’ unique methylene urea polymers. Formulated to give a uniform clip rate over a number of weeks with no wasted growth surges that produce weak, soft plants.

    • Lowest Salt Index of any Nitrogen with no chlorides and nitrates
    • 85% Smart Nitrogen™ slow-release to give a long, consistent trickle of nutrition to the plant. 4-12 week longevity (dependent on rate) is the longest slow release liquid feed available
    • Long carbon chain nitrogen molecule breaks down slowly to feed both plant (N) and soil microbiology (C).
    • When applied at a low rate (10-30l/ha) it will give a slow, consistent clip rate to help provide steady, consistent growth that keeps plants healthy.
    Nutrient Level Applied at 20ltrs/ha
    AnalysisPack SizeRateLongevityWater VolumeNPK
    30.0.010ltr & 200ltr10-30ltr/ha4-12 weeks200-600ltr/ha7.400

    Usage Period

    Nitro 30