Pure Kelp SA

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    Product Description

    A seaweed extract from the species Ecklonia maxima that offers a range of unique turf health benefits. Ecklonia maxima naturally contains a high auxin:cytokinin ratio that elicits cell growth, division and development, stimulating growth of turf. Pure Kelp SA can be applied as a soil drench or foliar spray. When applied as a foliar spray, active metabolites travel down to the root tips encouraging new growth. In the root meristem, the plant produces cytokines which are then transported upwards and initiate corresponding shoot growth. These chemical messengers trigger important growth, promoting leaf extension and prolong the life of the plant tissue, helping slow down biotic and abiotic stress.

    • Maintains plant health and growth during times of stress
    • Foliar application means it can be tank-mixed with liquid nutrition
    • Naturally high polyamine levels known to increase root growth
    • Promotes resistance to diseases, pathogens and insect pests
    Pack SizeApplication RateWater Volume
    4ltr & 10ltr2.8ltrs/ha300-600ltrs/ha

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    Pure Kelp SA