The Classic 18.3.6

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    Product Description

    Growth Products 18.3.6 with 50% Slow Release Nitrogen plus micronutrients is a professional liquid fertiliser solution made from only the highest quality N-P-K raw materials and micronutrients to assure a safe, reliable and efficient product. 18.3.6 provides a balance of quick release nitrogen for initial green up and 50% slow release nitrogen for a continuous steady feeding. 18.3.6 contains methylene urea from Nitro-30 (MDU), which resists leaching and provides a release over
    8-12 weeks. The phosphorus and potassium are readily available for both foliar and root uptake.

    • Provides green up without a flush of growth
    • 50% slow release nitrogen from Nitro-30
    • Potassium Carbonate, non-chloride source, very low on salt index
    • 8-12 week longevity
    Nutrient Level Applied at 20ltrs/ha
    AnalysisPack SizeRateLongevityNPK
    18.3.610ltr20-30ltr/ha8-12 weeks4.50.81.5

    Usage Period