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Summer Anti-Stress Promotion

By 4th June 2018November 25th, 2020No Comments

Utilising the latest products and research we have produced two special packs, one liquid-based and one granular-based that can help keep turf healthy, disease-free and performing well throughout the summer.

Recent research suggest elevated potassium levels in leaf tissue can significantly reduce anthracnose when used alongside a sensible nitrogen input.  Pot Carb Max contains the lowest salt index potassium source available (potassium carbonate) to reduce stress and increase plants stress tolerance of both anthracnose and drought.

Sustane 5-2-4 has been proven in independent STRI trials to reduce incidence of both anthracnose and microdochium.

Growth Products Pure Kelp SA is a 100% seaweed extract known to reduce stress and increase root growth.

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Contact your regional technical manager for more details or to order.