Plant Protection

Plant Protection for Golf course, bowling green and any SPORTS GROUND where plants are in use, Lawn care, bowling clubs right through to golf venues uk. products and biocides are used by professionals and individuals on harmful organisms to destroy, deter or render them harmless. Before they can be placed on the market, the Agency is responsible for assessing the effectiveness of these products and the risks associated with their use. It also assesses fertilisers and growing media. Pests, weeds and diseases We provide a fast and comprehensive service for diagnosis and identification of all PWD including Nematode issues. In addition to practical advice on how to best manage your problem areas we can help to eradicate potential risk of damage. We offer site visits to check you sports surfaces and provide information on how to identify and treat PWD and guidance on how to limit or prevent future problems. With rapidly reducing chemical options disease management plans are crucial to maintain suitable playing services. We can help to assess both past and present problems and offer advice on preventive maintenance now in the future.