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Growth Products SMART Nitrogen

The foundation for quality sportsturf care rests in consistent and reliable nutrition. An excess flush of top growth can lead to problems such as susceptibility to disease, poor root development, annual weed grass invasion and thatch build up. These problems can be avoided by using Growth Products’ technically advanced “Smart Nitrogen” products.

Smart Nitrogen™ is a liquid slow release nitrogen (SRN). It provides an even and consistent feed, avoiding the aforementioned issues associated with unwanted growth. The SRN in all Growth Products’ fertilisers is Nitro-30, a methylene urea nitrogen.

This proprietary Smart Nitrogen™ has several unique and important properties that make a significant difference in use:

  • It is highly tacky/sticky, and will not be washed away by rain or irrigation.
  • Fastens to the leaf cuticle, where it is broken down and absorbed by stomatal openings.
  • Dual efficiency allows it to be absorbed by both leaves and roots.
  • It will not leach or volatilize, making it good for the environment and good for your budget.
  • Reduces thatch build up associated with fast release nitrogen products.
  • The high carbon content helps feed beneficial soil microbiology.

Studies at leading universities have shown that a slow release nitrogen provides excellent agronomic response, no phytotoxicity, and a better residual release than liquid fertilizers with quick release nitrogen. The key difference between Growth Products Smart Nitrogen™ and other slow release liquids is the length of the carbon chain methylene urea molecules.  Growth Products is typically 7-9 carbon chains compared to the usual 3-5 carbon chains.  This give Growth Products the unique features and longevity that other liquid nitrogen products cannot match. Mix and match your Growth Products liquids to give you the exact response and longevity you require. 

Nitrogen Sources

Raw Materials Salt Index
Nitro-30 SRN 30.0.0 2
Granular Methylene Urea 24.6
Calcium Nitrate 65
Ammonium Sulphate 69
Ammonium Nitrate 104.7

Potassium Sources

Raw Materials Salt Index
*Potassium Carbonate 4.75
Potassium Sulphate 46
Potassium Hydroxide 61
Potassium Thiosulphate 62
Potassium Nitrate 73.6
Potassium Chloride 116.3

*Growth Products uses Potassium Carbonate in most of its blends