12.12.12 +MgO +Ca

The Growth Products Pro range is a high-quality, blended fertiliser, utilising controlled release technology.


  • All round balanced NPK fertiliser with added calcium and magnesium
  • Can be used all year round on sports pitches, tees and fairways
  • Controlled release technology providing 3 months longevity
  • Boost of phosphorus on newly sown sand rootzone for improved rooting and establishment
  • 25% coated nitrogen
  • 2-3mm prill
    Nutrient Level Applied at 35gm/m²Accupro Spreader Setting for 35gm/m² 
AnalysisPack SizeRateLongevityNPKSingle Pass Double Pass Spread Width
21.0.825kg25-45gm/m²2-3 months73.5028Cone 5, Q ¾Cone 5, M ¾4.0m
12.5.2225kg25-45gm/m²2-3 months4217.577Cone 5, Q ¾Cone 5, M ¾4.0m
12.12.1225kg25-45gm/m²2-3 months424242Cone 5, Q ¾Cone 5, M ¾4.0m


Usage Period