Advance Liquid Endo Mycorrhizae

  • Description

    Product Description

    A liquid formulation of endo-mycorrhizal species formulated specifically to promote the establishment and growth of perennial grass. Use in golf and bowling greens to increase bent and fescue within the sward and in sports pitches to help germination and establishment of ryegrass with strong rooting. Mycorrhizal fungi form a symbiotic relationship with perennial grass roots, but offer no benefits to Poa annua. Research shows mycorrhizal grasses resist stress better and require less water and fertiliser for healthy growth.

    • Contains 220,000 spores/propagules of 4 x mycorrhizal species Glomus intraradices; G. Mossae; G. Aggregatum; G. Etunicatum per 200ml pack
    • Easy to apply liquid formulation
    • Use at overseeding of greens to promote new bent and fescue seed growth
    • Apply as a seed coat or spray as a drench
    ProductPack SizeApplication RateWater Volume
    Liquid Endo Mycorrhizae200ml & 1 litre200ml/ha600-1000 litres/ha