Essential Plus

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    Product Description

    100% Natural Organic Soil Amendment with 21 L-Amino Acids

    What is Essential?

    Essential is a 100% natural organic product derived from plant and vegetative products that provides a rich carbon source of organic matter. Essential is pasteurized and homogenized to be a homogeneous solution. Each ingredient has been selected to provide all the various stages of organic decomposition (from fast decomposers to more complex forms of carbon requiring complex decomposition). Essential contains 21 L-amino acids that promotes nutrient absorption, and stimulates the plants essential metabolic activities. It also becomes an available food source for soil microorganisms. High concentrates of active, soluble humic acid, humus and cellulose fibre will help to replenish soils that have been depleted of organic matter. Essential will improve poor or subsoil condition and compaction, as well as enhance plant physiology with sugars, 21 amino acids and nutrients that are not available in N-P-K fertilizers.

    Food Source for Microbial Activity

    Beneficial microorganisms need organic matter as a food source to survive and increase their
    population. Essential has a high carbon content that slowly decomposes, restoring organic matter
    back into the soil. This is especially important in intensely managed fine turf and sports pitches.

    Enhances Plant Physiology

    Turf needs more than just N-P-K fertilisers to remain healthy. Essential contains vitamins,
    enzymes, carbohydrates, sugars, amino acids and root stimulators (from kelp). These nutrients
    are absorbed and utilized by the plant to enhance growth, vitality and stress resistance.

    Rejuvenates Soil Structure

    Essential contains high percentages of active, soluble humates, plant extracts, cellulose fibre
    and a natural wetting agent which are critical to maintain healthy soil. By adding organic matter
    back into the soils that have been depleted, even the most difficult soil conditions can be
    improved. These ingredients also reduce compaction and improve cation exchange capacity.

    • Rejuvenates soil structure
    • Food source for microbial activity
    • Contains 21 natural L-Amino Acids
    • Root stimulator
    • Reduces salts
    • High fungal food content to favour perennial species
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