Growth Products HydroFlo

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    Product Description

    A next-generation penetrant surfactant to efficiently move excess surface moisture down through the soil profile. Increase oxygen in the upper rootzone and firm up surfaces during periods of wet weather using Hydro-Flo’s unique action.
    Advanced surfactant’s and penetrants reduce the surface tension of water to allow fast removal of surface water and even distribution of moisture throughout the profile.

    • Promotes even distribution of soil moisture throughout the entire soil profile rather than simply removing surface water like competitor products.
    • By maintaining correct moisture balance in the soil, plant health is maximised and results in strong healthy turf resilient to stress and disease.
    • Gives an improved air to water ratio to maximise oxygen supply to the soil, increase rooting and soil microbiological activity leading to enhanced thatch breakdown and reduced plant stress.
    • Extremely safe non-phytotoxic formulation due to its high quality molecular construction which will not damage plant cells.
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