pH Reducer

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    Product Description

    pH Reducer is designed for soil and water applications, where the pH needs to be lowered into a more acidic range. Citric Acid solution is an organic based material that is a natural and environmentally sound management tool for lowering alkaline soil conditions.

    Soil Conditioner

    Many calcareous soils have very high pH ranges (above 7) that make turf grass maintenance difficult. This also tends to tie up many micronutrients, leaving turf grasses chlorotic. USGA spec sands and top dressings usually have a high pH and need to be lowered to an ideal range of 6 to 6.5 pH. Some soils contain high levels of minors that are often in an unavailable, oxidized form not available for plant uptake. By applying citric acid solutions, minors can be chelated and made more available for turf grasses. pH reducer can be used in place of sulphuric acid and ammonium sulphate.

    Water pH Reducer

    Many water supplies have very high pH levels, and continuous application of this water will tend to raise the pH of many soils. By adding citric acid solution, hard water levels can be lowered. This will also reduce the possibility of soil pH drifting upwards. The buffer capacity of every water supply differs. Slowly add citric acid to a tank mix and check with a pH meter or litmus paper until the desired pH is reached. If tank mix is not used the same day it is mixed, check pH again and adjust if necessary.

    Worm cast suppression

    It is well known that reducing the pH of upper soil layers reduces worm activity and associated casting damage. Selected applications of pH Reducer in early autumn in susceptible areas will acidify the soil and deter worms from casting in that area. Used in conjunction with other cultural methods such as top dressing, removing clippings etc, a reduced level of worm casts can realistically be achieved.

    Tank Mix Buffer Solution

    Many herbicides and fungicides require an acidic tank mix solution to assure the best efficacy.Slowly add citric acid to a tank mix and check with a pH meter or litmus paper until the desired pH is reached.

    • Soil and Water pH conditioner
    • Controls Algae
    • Soil pH reducer
    • Tank Mix Buffer Solution
    ApplicationPack SizeApplication RateWater Volume
    Soil Conditioner10ltr20ltrs/ha600ltrs/ha
    Water pH reducer10ltr100mls300ltr
    (Test water and repeat until desired pH is achieved).

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    Soft Conditioner