SensiPro Granules

  • Description

    Product Description

    A granular dye that can be used both as a spray pattern indicator and pond/lake colourant. Ultra-high strength, 90% pure dye, up to 3x stronger than some powders and 300% to 1200% performance increase over pond colourant liquids. SensiPro is safe for humans and wildlife and can be used in either man-made or natural ponds.

    • Rapid dispersion technology with no unnecessary fillers or surfactants
    • Available in blue or green in 1kg or 2kg packs
    • Easy to use pourable granule pack
    ProductPack SizeLake Colourant RateSpray Dye Rate
    SensiPro Granules1kg (blue) & 2kg (green)250g per 400m2 surface area100g per 600 litres of spray