Sodium Knockout 5.0.0 +6% Ca

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    Product Description

    KnockOut is a new and unique combination product that contains readily available calcium and a natural surfactant/wetting agent from yucca. It is an effective tool to reduce sodium levels in soils or bicarbonate accumulation from irrigation water. KnockOut quickly penetrates even the most difficult soils. It will also increase the permeability of soils while reducing soluble salts that build up in soils from high water salinity. It can be used on soilless media where excessive salt accumulation (rather than build up) often occurs from continued use of pesticides and high salt fertilisers.

    KnockOut’s calcium is in a 100% soluble form that is immediately available to react with the sodium, unlike gypsum based products. Calcium cation ranges between 65 – 70% (Cation Exchange Capacity – CEC). CEC measures the soil’s ability to hold nutrients such as potassium (K), magnesium (Mg), and calcium (Ca) as well as other positively charged ions such as sodium (Na) and hydrogen(H). It is a much safer alternative to chlorides and sulphates. KnockOut will improve soil structure, enhance better rooting, water infiltration and improve overall turf quality

    • Reduces soil and water salinity
    • Reduces dry spots and improves water filtration
    • Improves soil structure
    • Enhances root growth & nutrient uptake
    • Reduces Bicarbonates
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