Tough Tees

40% Barlibro – Perennial Ryegrass

20% Bardorado – Perennial Ryegrass

40% Barrisse – Strong Creeping Red Fescue



A reliable, hard wearing, quick to establish, self-regenerating mixture. Creates a thick and strong surface. Ideal for tees & divot mixtures in golf. A very popular mixture used at courses nationwide.  Could also be adapted for use in other hard-wearing situations such as outfields.

Overseeding rate – 25g/m2 (250kgs/Ha)

Seeding rate – 35g/m2 (350kgs/Ha)

ProductPack SizeSowing RateOver-sowing Rate
Advance | Tough Tees20kg35-50g/m²20-35g/m²

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