Our Services


Our specialist consultants provide quality, bespoke and value effective solutions for the management of all types of natural sport surfaces. Our knowledge and expertise is founded on more than 100 years of dedicated experience in improving the playing quality of sports surfaces around the UK.

Our mission is to deliver outstanding services and solutions to every client whether that is a local bowls club, Ryder Cup golf course or Premiership football club.

Frequently a requirement for a specific problem needs to be addressed. Our innovative and flexible approach to 21st century sports turf management will help find a solution. We have provided support to 100’s of clients with durable, high quality surfaces and take very seriously our mission to provide better results.

It helps that we are “sports mad” and we take great pride in helping our clients produce world-class surfaces where athletes of all abilities can perform to their very best.

Our consultancy services include:-

  • Feasibility studies
  • Technical analysis
  • Asset management reviews
  • Sports surface benchmarking, condition, assessment and performance
  • Bespoke product manufacture and alignment
  • Environmental planning
  • Course maintenance budget reviews
  • Pests, weed and disease diagnostics  
  •  Integrated pest management programmes

Technical analysis and testing

Advance Grass Solutions offer routine and comprehensive analysis to help guide your sports turf management programmes and help to prevent potential problems. Using diagnostic testing to pin point chemical, biological or physical problems enables us to provide a range of potential solutions. We deliver fast and accurate test results for all types of sports turf, independently analysed, with results accurately assessed in a clear and concise report.

When soil samples are received at the laboratory, they are dried, finely ground and the nutrients extracted for testing on state-of-the-art instrumentation alongside Quality Control reference materials.

Turf grass tissue samples are normally collected from clippings, which are dried, ground, combusted and then acid-extracted nutrients are analysed at the laboratory.

Irrigation water samples are filtered to remove particulates before the nutrients within the water samples are determined. Boreholes, reservoir

We provide particle size analysis for sands and aggregates. This is especially relevant as it can be used to approve or suggest modifications to your materials. Tests for existing soil structure helps us recommend quality sands, soils and materials particularly useful when planning construction projects.

Organic matter content provides our clients with percentage concentration within the soil profile. This analysis determines whether there is a need to reduce organic matter to enhance the playing qualities of your sports turf.

Further to these key areas of scientific analysis we are also positioned to provide additional testing:-

Physical Testing

Organic content
Particle size distribution
Water holding capacity
Root strength testing

Chemical Testing

Plant available nutrients
Total nutrients
Electrical conductivity
Heavy metal presence

Biological Testing
Biological compatibility
Germination success
Mycorrhizal potential
Drought Tolerance
Stress Tolerance

For further information or to book a site visit please contact your local AGS BASIS registered Technical Sales Manager or email info@advancegrass.com

Agronomy testing equipment

Want to measure and improve turf performance yourself? AGS are sole UK distributor for TurfTec’s amazing range of high quality agronomic tools. If measurement and data collection is an important element of you turf management programme we have the solution for you. For a TurfTec brochure please email info@advancegrass.com

Pests, weeds and diseases

We provide a fast and comprehensive service for diagnosis and identification of all PWD including Nematode issues. In addition to practical advice on how to best manage your problem areas we can help to eradicate potential risk of damage. We offer site visits to check you sports surfaces and provide information on how to identify and treat PWD and guidance on how to limit or prevent future problems.

With rapidly reducing chemical options disease management plans are crucial to maintain suitable playing services. We can help to assess both past and present problems and offer advice on preventive maintenance now in the future.

Integrated pest management is an effective and sustainable approach to managing PWD through a combination of methods and best practice. IPM takes advantage of all the best management options available including a thoughtful approach to the use of pesticides. To develop an IPM programme requires comprehensive knowledge of the life cycles of pests, weeds and diseases, there interaction with the environment and the methods available to control them.

With recent changes in legislation and regulation of pesticides, IPM programmes must be in place throughout the sports turf and amenity grasses industry for all pest, weeds and disease control. We can offer guidance on cultural management, monitoring, thresholds, biological and chemical control.


We ensure a rapid and reliable service from purchase order to delivery and understand the importance of a timely outcome. Our friendly, practical and efficient approach ensures customer satisfaction at all times. We have developed solid relationships in the UK with our preferred hauliers and freight suppliers to provide a quality service at competitive rates.


We are frequently invited to speak on a range of subjects relating to sports turf and soil science. Whether at board level, AGM’s, club committees or educational seminars we can help to formalise bespoke presentations to improve sports turf management knowledge. If you are interested in this service call us for further information.

Quality Control

AGS supplies a range of UK exclusive and unique products. Our portfolio is carefully chosen for their high quality active ingredients and consistency throughout the range. The majority of products have been intensively and independently researched and trial data offer clients confidence in product selection. We carefully monitor customer satisfaction and feedback reviews are critical to improve the cutting edge technology that science now provides  sport turf managers. Our technical department is continually innovating and researching the latest trends in product development.

Opening Hours

We are here to help 52 weeks of the year and open 5 days a week from 7.00am – 5pm. For out of hour’s service please contact our service department on 07836765100.